Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Space Frogs!!!

I am a dedicated follower of the Oldhammer mystique. Among my favorites are the Slann — an intelligent amphibian species wielding forgotten technology and sporting Meso-American style. After many years I managed to acquire some of the original Space Slann miniatures, and, after many more, I got up the courage to paint them. Here are the results of my first try to do them justice.

I started with some kitbashing. I always like to personalize my figures in some fashion. So, my Slann spacefarers sport extra weapons and extra breathing apparatus complete with power cables and hoses.

The next step was to begin researching colors for the paint jobs. I knew I wanted them to have the brilliant colorations of Amazonian Arrow Poison frogs...

In fact, there seems to be no end to the possible color combinations one can find in these little critters.   Of course, that suits my creative needs very well.  So I started with the base colors and proceeded to add a series of color shading washes made from ink added to Future floor polish. I also added some special metallic effects thanks to som metallic powders my wife had left over from her paper-crafting projects. The end result was as shown below: